Anime's Next Top Model Cycle 1 is the first cycle of the ANTM series. This show has 16 wannabe models with only 1 winner


Name Show Age
Anna Frozen 18
Ariel The Little Mermaid 16
Corina Mew Mew Power 16
Draculaura Monster High 15
Elsa Frozen 21
Jasmine Addlan 15
Lagoona Monster High 15
Luka Vocaloid 20
Miku Vocaloid 16
Peach Super Mario 17
Pocahontas Pocahontas 18
Renee Mew Mew Power 17
Rosalina Super Mario 20
Samus Metroid 20
Zelda The Legend Of Zelda 19
Zoey Mew Mew Power 16


Model Elimated in
Peach Episode 1
Corina Episode 1
Jasmine Episode 2
Renee Episode 3
Samus Episode 4
Pocahontas Episode 5
Draculaura Episode 6
Zoey Episode 6
Ariel Episode 9
Anna Episode 10
Zelda Episode 11
Rosalina Episode 11

Order of EliminationEdit

E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E9 E10 E11
Zelda Elsa Lagoona Elsa Anna Ariel Miku Miku Zelda Elsa
Ariel Luka Rosalina Miku Lagoona Elsa Rosalina Luka Luka Miku
Luka Miku Luka Pocahontas Rosalina Zelda Elsa Lagoona Elsa Luka
Rosalina Lagoona Samus Ariel Elsa Lagoona Ariel Anna Lagoona Lagoona
Elsa Ariel Miku Zelda Miku Anna Anna Rosalina Miku Rosalina
Anna Zelda Elsa Anna Zelda Luka Zelda Elsa Rosalina <strike>Zelda</strike>
Zoey Anna Pocahontas Lagoona Ariel Rosalina Luka Zelda Anna
Lagoona Draculaura Draculaura Rosalina Luka Miku Lagoona Ariel
Miku Renee Zoey Draculaura Zoey Draculaura
Renee Rosalina Ariel Luka Draculaura Zoey
Samus Zoey Zelda Zoey Pocahontas
Draculaura Samus Anna Samus
Pocahontas Pocahontas Renee
Jasmine Jasmine

Photoshoot guides

E1-Black and white

E2-High Fashion

E3-Sexy models




E7-Sailor Moon


E10-Hair ad

E11-Party models