Corina is a young-blue iorikeet girl in Mew Mew Power and a model on Anime's Next Top Model Cycle 1 .


Corina's casting photo

Age 16

Show Mew Mew Power

Occuption Waitress/Schoolgirl/Heroine

Current rank on C1 


Corina or Minto Aizawa from Japan. Her family is wealthly, she is a good dancer and good at ballet. She is a heiress to all of her family money. Her weapon is a MinTone Arrow. She also has friends Bridget, Kikii, Renee and Zoey who both are models in cycle 1.

Anime's Next Top Model Cycle 1Edit

In Episode 1, when she arrives, Corina says "I was scared, my friends Renee and Zoey are there as well and they are stonger models than me." When Allison judges her photo, she says "I like your pose Corina but that it. The hand is a bit witchy type and your is just in the karate film." She was in the bottom 3 with Peach and Jasmine but she and Peach were both elimated. After finding out she and Peach are completing in the comeback, her final words are "I can't believe it. I lost but still, I want to come back so have to do my best."

In Episode 2, she won her first comeback photo while Peach was elimated but then find out she was completing against Jasmine.

In Episode 3, she was elimated in the comeback when Jasmine won the comeback.